About Diskos NDR

The Diskos National Data Repository (NDR) is Norway's national data repository for petroleum data.

Diskos is a joint venture consisting of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) and oil companies  on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. NPD coordinates and manages the joint venture. Non-oil companies can apply for associated membership. More information about Diskos membership.

Diskos was established to develop and operate a database containing relevant petroleum data. The NDR is set up for:

  • Reporting to authorities
  • Sharing and trading of data between licensees
  • Access to public data

Data stored in Diskos as a result of the mandatory reporting requirements according to petroleum legislation, is the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate's archive. This enables the NPD to use Diskos to make the data available to the public and all interested companies when confidentiality periods expire.

Data stored in the NDR are:

The Diskos NDR has become a vital and useful tool for storing, sharing and online retrieval of these data types by the members of the Diskos joint venture. Non-confidential data from the database is also available to non-members off-line according to standard handling fees. Prices are available upon request.

Connect to Diskos NDR

CGG operates the Seismic, Well and Production database on behalf of  Diskos.  Members can access the Diskos NDR here via the CGG Diskos site.

Non-members can access the Diskos Public Portal.


Diskos publication

In September 2015, Diskos celebrated 20-year anniversary and in connection with this, an
anniversary publication was issued. The publication is available both in Norwegian version and English version. Printed copies can also be provided by contacting Diskos Management.