Seismic Data

​The Diskos Seismic Database contains a significant volume of post-stack seismic, velocity and navigation data.  From 2012, also field and pre-stack data has been reported to the Database. All navigation on the Norwegian Continental Shelf is publically available.

​Access to Diskos Seismic Database​

CGG is the database operator for the Diskos Seimic Database. Diskos Members access online seismic data here:

Only available on SOIL or via direct connection

Non-Diskos Members can browse and order public seismic data for the Norwegian Continental Shelf via the Diskos Public Portal.

Reporting of Seismic Data

Seismic data are to be reported to Diskos NDR according to the NPD requirements.

More information on NPD reporting requirements are found on

Guidelines for reporting of Geophysical data to Authorities (Yellow book)

Yellow Book Table S-1 (file naming convention and structure)


Diskos Public Released Data

Listings of recent public released data can be found at the CGG Diskos website